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Quotech Ltd offer years of experience and great expertise in the design and building of commercial installations; including MATV, SMATV and IRS systems. We deliver high quality engineering for a range of projects and as we are fully qualified and insured to work with extreme heights, no building or complex is too large for our commercial installers.



Commercial system installation enables you to provide domestic or business sites with a television and radio service at multiple points. With no unsightly cable networks, mass of aerials or multiple satellite dishes fixed to roofs – you can be confident of a professional and efficient installation with high quality signal reception.

Basic MATV and SMATV installations are cost-effective options, transmitting signal from a central system point. This will help you to manage the number and content of TV channels that are being accessed within your building. More sophisticated IRS systems enable you to offer a complete entertainment service to tenants, including an unlimited choice of radio and digital packages, subscription and non-subscription satellite TV.

Quotech Ltd Commercial Services

Quotech Ltd provide specialized commercial engineers for any site or development in Kenya and the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking to install a new entertainment service, or wish to upgrade a problematic system that is delivering faulty reception – we offer a professional service resulting in a highly efficient installation that you can rely upon to run smoothly.

Our commercial services include:

Expert Installation of MATV/SMATV Systems

MATV and SMATV installations are basic and therefore cost-effective commercial systems; distributing digital television, FM/DAB radio and – in the case of SMATV installations -selected satellite packages. These systems are a popular installation choice for projects such as affordable housing, hospitals, gyms, offices and hotels.Specialized

Installation of Advanced IRS Systems

IRS systems are sophisticated commercial installations, enabling you to offer a full entertainment service throughout your complex. This includes the transmission of FM/DAB radio, digital free-to-air services and international satellite television. This advanced installation is ideal for large commercial endeavors, especially if you are looking to stay ahead of competitors by providing the ultimate entertainment choice for tenants.

Maintenance Support Package for Commercial Clients

Quotech Ltd works with a standard 48 hour call out guarantee and offers all commercial clients the chance to purchase our extended Maintenance Support Package. This includes routine and planned installation maintenance to help solve any problems before they occur. Our popular maintenance package also features a quotation service for any additional work, including private work that your clients may wish to carry out at their own expense.

Review and Redesign of Commercial Systems not Installed by Quotech Ltd

Quotech Ltd offer maintenance support packages for MATV, SMATV and IRS systems that were not built by us, but may need upgrading or redesign. This will require a full review of your commercial installation, followed by an inspection report and quotation.


IRS is the abbreviated name for an Integrated Reception System. It is the most advanced commercial installation available and the sophisticated designs provide commercial buildings, large business complexes and even complete villages with an unrestricted choice of radio and television viewing. 

IRS systems collect raw frequency signals from a small cluster of aerials and satellite dishes. The installation then efficiently distributes these signals to unlimited locations, without relying upon multiple satellite dishes or a messy arrangement of TV aerials. Every reception point can install their own choice of digital or satellite receiver – including Free to Air decoders or Satellite Decoders. Your tenant will therefore be able to set up their choice of viewing as though they have their very own television and radio aerial or a unique satellite dish. They can then choose and change their digital or satellite service without affecting the overall system.