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Quotech Ltd is a specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of data, voice cabling and security cabling.

With a track record extending over 4 years, we have established a reputation for:

  • Keeping to budget and schedules
  • Keeping disruption to a minimum
  • Delivering the best performance from your IT network through our one-stop, 'can do' philosophy.

You can choose from a wide range of solutions, from one-off cabling projects to on-going network infrastructure support. Our accredited engineers, lifetime warranties and industry-leading expertise give you total reassurance across a comprehensive range of installations, including:

  • Single and multi-site solutions design and installation.
  • Contract work and retained service, voice and data projects.

Structured Cabling Services

  • Network Cabling (CAT 6, Fiber Optics and Wireless)
  • Master Aerial TV(MATV) & Integrated Reception System (IRS)
  • Maintenance
  • Intelligent Power Distribution / UPS

Network Cabling

As one the Kenya’s leading network cabling contractors, Quotech is confident it can provide the answer to any workplace network problem.

We'll first assess your needs, design the solution, manage every element, including the installation, and our team of qualified engineers will be on hand to provide on-going care. After 5 years of helping businesses to be better connected, we understand any down time can really impact. For that reason, we pride ourselves on delivering projects with minimal disruption - on schedule, and on budget.

From University campuses to large manufacturing plants to Greenfield offices, Quotech Ltd has a structured network cabling solution. We often utilize pioneering Cat5e, Cat6 and fiber optics systems, but whatever the installation, all our systems are fully checked and tested using the latest testing equipment. This ensures you get extra support with a lifetime warranty.

Below is a selection of the most popular projects we are asked to undertake:

  • Fully networking new buildings during construction
  • Connecting additional sites to an existing network
  • Moving networks for a business relocation
  • Fitting shop floor cabling
  • Creating specialist communications rooms
  • Designing point-of-sale and shop fitting applications
  • Overhauling outdated legacy networks

 MATV & IRS Systems

IRS (Integrated Reception System) is a technology in which we carry both the satellite and terrestrial signal in one cable. Signals are combined and then distributed to a number of individual offices, apartments or rooms to provide a wide range of services. 

 MATV (Master Antenna Television) Systems are a means by which many apartment blocks, hotels, schools and other multi-unit buildings distribute TV to a number of receivers.

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) Systems involve a single outdoor antenna feeding to number of indoor units. It is the best method of supplying and controlling the number and type of TV and FM channels to multiple televisions. SMATV provides reception of DBS TV/FM channels for hotels, schools, student accommodation, hospitals and commercial properties with multiple tenants.


We have a range of network maintenance packages that are tailored to meet your business needs, including preventative maintenance plans, or break, fault and fix plans.

At Quotech Ltd, we provide a quality cabling installation service that is planned and specified to last for many years. As part of that service we can include a network maintenance plan that will help to ensure you continue to enjoy optimum service as your business needs change.

Professional network maintenance you can rely on

Our fully qualified network support team can offer you a wide range of preventative maintenance plans to help you maintain the health and lifespan of your infrastructure. Ultimately the correct maintenance plan will ensure a consistently smooth operational network for your business.

Our technical support service objectives are speed and relevance. We aim to find the fault and then have you back up and running within an agreed timescale.

Guarantees, training, audits and network analysis

We provide both a 1-year guarantee and for additional peace of mind we carry additional professional indemnity over and above our statutory requirements.

Training on new equipment can be provided. This is a vital link in the process of successful system management. Training will save you time and money and allow you to maximize your investment in infrastructure.

As part of our service we can also undertake a Quality Audit and Network Analysis to ensure that you enjoy the highest level of connectivity, when changes or moves occur.

Service Level Agreements

Our experienced and dedicated Customer Services Team can provide a Service Level Agreement that fits in with your budget and is appropriate to the needs of your business. This service can extend from off-site data back-up to full provision of a business continuity plan. Whether you are looking for immediate response services, or 24/7 call out we can tailor the appropriate response service contract to meet your business needs. 

Intelligent Power Distribution & UPS

Energy is an expensive, yet essential, utility for most organizations. You cannot afford the downtime and loss of data resulting from power outages yet you also want to minimize the cost of power demanded by your server and business networks.

Quotech Ltd team can help you with a range of intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions.

We can provide a range of intelligent power distribution units complete with sensors to monitor temperature/humidity, smoke, water and door opening in a data center or cabinet environment. This means you have an accurate, real-time overview of power usage and the capacity to monitor potential hazards and procedure lapses.

A managed PDU system can send email and audible alerts if pre-set thresholds are exceeded as well as allowing sequential start-ups to prevent power surges. Better monitoring and control can also contribute to your organization’s Carbon Reduction Commitment while helping to reduce overhead costs.

We will also advise you on the best uninterruptible power supply options to protect your business and office computer systems from the threat of power outages and lost data.

Back-up generators that automatically produce network-grade power when outages are detected may be suitable to protect servers, storage and networks for larger organizations.
For some businesses, battery back-up systems may be adequate to maintain work processes during short and medium length power outages, while safeguarding equipment from damaging surges and spikes. Software that automatically powers-down computer systems during extended power outages is also available.